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The Chakra Roller Bottle Set comes with one roller for each of the major embodied chakras.


Rollers now come in amber bottles to preserve the life of your oil.


The set includes one of each:

- Anchored Roller Bottle

- Creative Roller Bottle 

- Empower Roller Bottle

- Self-Love Roller Bottle

- Expression Roller Bottle

- Intuition Roller Bottle 

- Connection Roller Bottle

(See the individual listing for ingredients.) 


Each roller bottle is diluted to 2% with fractionated coconut oil. The 2% dilution is generally considered safe for averagely healthy adults for daily skin care.


Chakra roller holders are available with 10 slots in various patterns for an additional rate.

Chakra Roller Bottle Set

  • Essential oils are not to be ingested, or used by children under the age of 10.

    If product is intended to be used around small children, please email us so proper dilution and accommodations can be made. 

  • All oils have a limited warranty. Please reach out if you have questions regarding the product.

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