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Free Resources

If you just started your healing journey or you are looking to learn something new, check our these resources! 

Online Resources

Clean household and hygiene goods-

Essential oil safety-

Learn about crystals-

Healing with food- 

Finding Herbs-

Trauma Healing- The Holistic Psychologist

Local Oklahoma City Holistic Resources 

Akashic Records Practitioner- Lisa Wetzel 

Clinical Herbalism- Bright Circle Herb Craft

Crystal purchasing - Rockngranny

Doula & Massage- Beautifully Connected 

Neuroliguistics Practitioner (NLP)- Transcend Wellness 

Sound Healing - Healing with April 

Spirit Medicine- One Spirit Native American Church 

                      Sacred Pillars Church

                      Euphoric Yogi 

Vaginal Steaming and Vegan Meal Prep- Soul Core 

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