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Do you need some grounding?

Are you spacey, achey, distracted, and anxious? Sounds like you could use some grounding! Grounding is a great source of antioxidants and it's completely free!

Grounding, also referred to as earthing, is a practice of physically connecting with the Earth, by walking barefoot on the ground, or digging your hands into the Earth. Grounding can be done on dirt, grass (untreated), sand, and in water. Grounding allows the negative ions coming from the Earth to be absorbed up through the feet, which helps fight free radicals.

According to a study published on PubMed, effects of grounding can include:

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Assists with chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases

  • Improvement of immune response

  • Sleep improvement

  • Reduce stress

  • Speed up wound healing

  • Balance cortisol rhythm

  • Nurtures heart healthy

If your child can give the battery bunny a run for his money, experiences anxiousness or overwhelm, experiences hanger or a racing mind, or lacks mental clarity. They would probably also benefit from grounding! It isn't as important for them to stay still when they are outside. The importance more so lies in the raw connection with the Earth. And the great thing is that it is never too early to introduce your child to this practice! Their little bodies also need the benefits that the Earth has to offer to stay balanced.

To see the benefits yourself, the book Earthing by Clinton Ober (and creator of The Earthing Movie), recommends to “Leave your feet squarely on the earth and sit there for thirty or forty minutes…. If you have the opportunity, connect with the Earth two or three times a day. The more time you put in, the more you benefit. The more compromised your health is, the more often and longer we recommend that you do this. But even in a half hour or so, you will have a remarkable shift.”

The company Earthing, also offers various products that bring the benefits of grounding indoors, or wherever you go. Their product line includes matts, bed sheets, shoes and various other options.

Grounding is also a necessary energetic practice. On an energetic level, grounding assists us in remaining connected, centered, and balanced. Those that are energetically sensitive or resonate with being empathic, can experience multiple symptoms when they are needing grounding.

Cues that you need may to ground include

  • Feeling flighty or spaced out

  • Being highly anxious

  • Clumsiness

  • Forgetfulness

  • Monkey mind or chaotic and distracted mind

  • Not being able to focus or concentrate

  • Inability to communicate clearly

  • Inability to understand what people are saying to you

  • Experiencing tiredness after waking (mentally and physically)

Energetically, grounding is all about bringing you back to awareness of the current moment, empowered, and balanced in your inner world and external experience. When you are grounded, you are not overwhelmed, lost in your thoughts, or motivated by control. Grounding helps you be at peace regardless of the challenges at hand, and to trust that everything is working out for your favor.

Even though going outside to ground is best, there are also other ways to do so inside.

  • Drink water

  • Drinking earthy tea: Dandelion root, turmeric tea, or ginger tea

  • Eat rooted vegetables: potatoes, carrots, or beets

  • Inhaling grounding essential oils: frankincense, vetiver, cedarwood, patchouli, or lavender (my Anchor Root Chakra Roller Bottle is also great for this!)

  • Wear or carry grounding crystals: Black tourmaline, Hematite, Obsidian, Onyx, or Tigers Eye (my bracelets Anchor, Honor, and Balance can help as well!)

  • Dance! This gets the energy moving and brings us back to our body and the moment.

  • Root chakra and earth star chakra healing- working on any trauma surrounding feeling of being safe, stable, or having basic needs met can also help. (My blog on Processing Emotions may be helpful with aspects of this.)

  • Meditation can help you recenter and bring you back to the moment. Check out the quick meditation below!

Mindful grounding can look like a quick meditation that starts with putting your bare feet in the dirt, grass (untreated), sand, or water. If you can't get outside that's ok. Take deep breaths for a count of 7, holding for a count 5, and exhaling for a count of 7. Bring your focus to your breath. Continue for several breaths.

If you feel heavy, place your intention on releasing all dense energy through your feet and into the ground. Once you feel lighter, then visualize roots growing from your feet into the earth, deeper and deeper. Then as you exhale pull the earth’s energy up through your roots into your feet and slowly all the way up to your crown.

I hope this was helpful! Feel free to drop your favorite way to ground in the comments!

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